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 Administration Apeal Format

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PostSubject: Administration Apeal Format   Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:18 am

Hello eG, here you can apply for a administration position in our team, but first you have to meet some requirements:
-Your English must be good in order to speak with players.
-You must be active in-game and in the forums.
-You must be mature.
-You agree that if you abuse your admin powers you get permanently banned from our community.

If you meet all these requirements then make a new thread and include your name the thread's name.

In-game name:
In-game rank:
Where are you from?:
Which languages do you speak?:
Have you ever been banned from the server ?(YES/NO):
Why you got banned?:
How much times did you get banned?:
How much time can you spend on your position?:
If a player asks you for help, what do you do?:
If you see a player teamkilling, bunnyhoping, etc.., how do you react?:
If you see someone spamming in the chat, how do you react?:
Why you wanna join our administration team?:
How can you contribute to our community?:
Why do you think we will accept you to our team?:
Have you ever been an admin before?:
Something about yourself:
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Administration Apeal Format
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