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 Suicide Squad Requirements and Format

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PostSubject: Suicide Squad Requirements and Format   Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:26 am

Rules and requirements for our clan.

Quote :
-You have to follow all the forum and ingame rules.
-Respect all the players.
-No racism in our clan.
-Don't be so serious, Have fun.

Applying Form for [SQ]Suicide Squad.

Quote :
In-Game Name:
In-Game Rank:
In-Game Stats:
How do you rate your lag shot?(1-10):
Are you an old school player ? If yes, what was your name?:
How do you rate your English?(1-10):
Why did you choose this clan?:
Where are you from?:
Year of Age:
Explain us about yourself:
If you get denied you have to wait 48 hours before applying again.
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Suicide Squad Requirements and Format
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