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 [Accepted]Cesar_Woodsman Admin Apply

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PostSubject: [Accepted]Cesar_Woodsman Admin Apply   Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:26 am

In-game name: Cesar_Woodsman
In-game rank: 5
Age: 19 years old.
Where are you from?: Egypt
Which languages do you speak?: English (Excellent) - Italian (Very good) - Arabic (Native).
Have you ever been banned from the server ?(YES/NO): Yes.
Why you got banned?: Suspicious of Health Hacking.
How much times did you get banned?: Once.
How much time can you spend on your position?: I play 5-7 hours per day so I think if Ia my whole online time on it.
If a player asks you for help, what do you do?: Basically, if this help regards the server's scripting commands, I would answer him over the chat or over the /pms (depends where he's chatting me), if he's asking for server gamemode assistance, I would teach him how the gamemode works by practicing it with him, for an example if I'm a zombie and the player is survivor and he's a newbie, I wouldn't rush to him and infect him quickly, maybe I'll go easy on him to teach him the basics and main stuff he needs to know as a survivor, like to access his inventory to use medkits, to access interiors to search for items, accessing perks and way of their usage etc. I would do the same if I was the survivor and the player was the zombie, basically I would show him everything regarding the current class or team he's in.

If you see a player teamkilling, bunnyhoping, etc.., how do you react?: I will first verbal warn him over the chat, if he does it for a second time, I would slap him once with another warning, if third time I would freeze him and go to him, explaining him he should not bunnyhop or teamkill anyone and would unfreeze him when he shows me that he understood. If he does it for a 4th time, I would admin-jail him (That's if it exists).

If you see someone spamming in the chat, how do you react?: I will warn him over the chat at the first time, slap at the second, mute him for 5 minutes at the third time. Then I'll unmute him after the third time, if he carries on spamming I will prolong the duration of muting him until he stops spamming.

Why you wanna join our administration team?: First of all I wasn't planning on applying for being an administrator upon joining the community, but when I stayed here for a while and it happened that I had troubles with one of the former administrators, I decided actually to stay and accept the challenge as that former administrator tried to ruin my image and reputation, that's a reason. Secondly, in my timezone there aren't enough active admins, mostly I see a lot of hackers and I just can not do anything about it as I don't have anything to help with, players suffer and get angry and they just leave the server as the anti-cheat isn't helping that much. So basically I would like to help to advance this community and move it forward, in fact when I was asked to host a server on teamspeak for this server I did not hesitate at all as I did willingly and likely for this community, sometimes when a person likes a certain thing he does whatever to push it forward. Also, one of the current administrators saw that I fit for this position and suggested the idea for me to apply for an admin, I kind of thought about for a while then I decided to make the application as I agreed with him.

Why do you think we will accept you to our team?: Honestly this answer depends on your opinions on me, I know some administrators do not like me because I'm always honest and sometimes I mock their English, but I'm just being a realist and honest. Sorry if I ever offended anyone by my words, but I just spit out truth. Anyways, I think I'm trying to prove I'm trustworthy by helping out the community with several stuff, like hosting the teamspeak server, also helping players in-game whenever they ask and whenever there are no administrators online. Most of the times players ask about the gamemode, like how to survive and I have to explain it all starting from clearing the eight check points etc. I do not hesitate at all at helping anyone, even if I get denied, if some of the players asks a question and there is no admins online, I would still help him with no hesitation.

Have you ever been an admin before?: Yes, I have.

Why we should accept you?: I think this is the same question mentioned above "Why do you think we will accept you", so my answer is pretty much the same.
Something about yourself: My real name is Mahmoud Ismail, I'm 19 years old. Currently in Electrical Engineering college. I've got one year left then I'll head to Italy for studying purposes, I speak three languages, English (Excellent) - Italian (Very good) - Arabic (Native). I've been playing SA:MP since 2009, I've been through most of the servers hosted in SA:MP, DM or TDM, or Cops and Robbers, and essentially the roleplay servers. My experience about SA:MP is real vast and huge, also I have experience about mapping and slight information about scripting and encoding. I joined this community when it was reopened, sadly I wasn't there before but I taught myself and learned a lot in these few days I joined in here, and I find it quiet amusing. It would be great if you let me take this step forward in your administrator team, believe me you wouldn't regret it, and as I mentioned above even if I get denied, I won't stop helping players when they ask me.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Cesar_Woodsman Admin Apply   Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:50 pm

Hey there Cesar ! I really liked your application, i can see effort put in this, Welcome to the team.
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[Accepted]Cesar_Woodsman Admin Apply
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