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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:20 am

In-Game Server Rules

Here are the server rules that you have to follow in-game.

~Bunnyhoping - Bunnyhoping or spam jumping in order to gain speed isn't allowed in our server, you can get jailed and warned.

~Teamkilling - This is a TDM server between zombies and survivors, killing or attacking your own team will be strictly punished, you can get jailed, warned and even banned.

~Spamming - You are not allowed to spam or flood messages in the chat, You can get your account muted and warned.

~Discrimination - Any sort of discrimination are not allowed on our server, any kind of racist jokes or comments, any sort of insults and other forms of discrimination are not allowed, it can get your account muted, warned and banned.

~Advertising - Any sort of advertising isn't allowed in our server.

~Hacks/Cheats/Mods - Any sort of outside programs that can be used in your advantage are not allowed and will get you banned on sight, cheats, hacks, speed/parkour mods are all strictly punishable.

~Suiciding - Suiciding in order to avoid death isn't allowed, it can get you jailed and warned.

~Bug Abusement - Any sort of bug abusement or xp farming won't be tolerated in our server, if you find a bug you have to report it in the forums, this can get you warned and banned.

~Respect and obey admins - An admin will always be on your side, its their duty, to keep your gameplay fun and fair, if an admin asks you to do something so do it.
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In-Game Rules
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